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Data Extraction Software

There are numerous choices available in the market for data extraction software.  Some software is paid, whereas open-source, free alternatives are also available. Programming languages like python, R, C#, and java also have specialized libraries to facilitate data scraping and extraction from the web and documents. Some companies offer dedicated data extraction solutions such as ByteScout and PDF Solution.


It is a document data extraction tool that provides a comprehensive solution for making your manufacturing business successful. It is an essential solution that handles a large amount of data produced during semiconductor manufacturing. The software can also extract vital information from PDF documents, images, scans, and spreadsheets. It can classify raw unstructured data into an organized form and enable search capability.

PDF Solution

Data is everywhere. It is produced in the manufacturing supply chain and stored in documents, on the web, and in the cloud. PDF solutions utilize their expertise in machine learning to analyze big data. Various technology Integrations offered by PDF Solution help in extracting data from PDF documents, images, scanned files. It also provides a bar code generator and scanner. It is straightforward to set up and maintain, and it is adequately robust to install in high-volume manufacturing environments.

Web Scraping Frameworks

There are many open-source frameworks for web scraping. Some of them are fully automatic others are semi-automatic. Some frameworks provide protection using a proxy, while others only offer data extraction.


Scrapy is used to scrape and save data on the web. It is swift and can scrape dozens of pages simultaneously. Using a proxy allows you to scrape a website much more reliably. It also significantly reduces the chances that your spider will get banned or blocked. Using proxies enables you to make unlimited concurrent sessions on the same or different websites.


It is an open-source and automatic testing framework, enabling web application validation across different browsers and platforms. Selenium support multiple programming languages like Java, C#, and Python.


It specializes in massive information extraction tasks. It is developed using Cython, a fast compiled programming language. SpaCy is very fast. It can process large web datasets at a fraction of the speed. SpaCy can prepare a text for deep learning. It can integrate with TensorFlow, PyTorch, sci-kit-learn, Gensim, etc.

Beautiful Soup

It is also a Python library for extracting data from HTML and XML documents. It works with various parsers for navigating parse trees. It saves programmers a lot of time for web scraping. Beautiful Soup provides a library of well-defined techniques for mining data confined within HTML tags in a website. It is typically used in combination with URL-Lib or the python requests package to extract required data from a website denoted by its URL.


It allows for easy and automatic data extraction from websites. Octoparse enables quick web scraping with its intuitive user interface without confusing coding. It transforms web pages into structured data. Its cloud platform enables faster data extraction. Octoparse allows exporting data into various formats.

Apify SDK

Apify SDK works as a NodeJS type of crawling framework. Its operating framework is similar to Scrapy’s. In addition, it is built using JavaScript. The fact that it is not based on Python makes it easy to code but not as powerful. Similarly, it works with several plugins, which include Puppeteer and Cheerio.

Apify SDK can crawl multiple pages simultaneously by using the AutoScaled pool. As a result, it works quickly and efficiently within links while extracting data. All these capabilities work with a simple library. In addition, you can export data as Excel, HTML, XML, and much more.

Storm Crawler

This crawler operates as a Java-based application. It is easy to optimize and scale when recorded. Storm Crawler works better when URLs move over streams and large recursive calls. Unlike many other crawlers, Storm Crawler is quite resilient.

Storm Crawler thread management is excellent and about minimizing crawl latency. You are also able to expand the library using more libraries. In addition, operating as a web-based application, this crawler is very consistent and efficient.


MechanicalSoup is one of the cutting-edge web scrapping tools. Its principle of operation is modeled off human behavior while navigating websites. In addition, it is suitable for simple websites due to the parsing library it uses. This simplicity is due to the less amount of programming required because of the nature of its library.

MechanicalSoup works very fast while scraping pages. The Xpath and CSS selectors enable this speed it is able to use. Its principle of operation is modeled off human behavior while navigating websites. Similarly, it can leverage human processes such as opening a popup and other clicking events.


Jauntium operates as a better version of the Jaunt system. It has several new features that build on the drawbacks of its predecessor. As a result, this tool is sophisticated enough to create bots that perform scrapping operations. Jauntium can manipulate DOM by performing searches.

Jauntium supports a wide range of websites, including JavaScript-based types. In addition, it works well with Selenium.


Norconex is an enterprise-scale scrawling application. It works on several sites via compiled binary. When used from a medium server, this crawler can crawl and scrap enormous pages at a time. In addition, it can operate through HTML and PDF file formats. When using Norconex, you can configure its speed to the desired pace, suitable for different processes.

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