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TOP Questions about Data Extraction

Data extraction is a common aspect of computer science that is extensively used by nearly all fields. It lets the user extract raw data, which can be processed and converted to meaningful information.

Due to the popularity of data extraction, people ask several questions regarding the field. Some of the top questions that are asked about data extraction are stated below.

What is the Difference Between Data Extraction and Data Mining?

Although data extraction and data mining sound similar, these two terms refer to different processes. Data extraction is a data science process in which data of different formats is collected from various sources into a central storage location. Typically, the data that is collected from data extraction is processed, and inferences are made about the end product. The term data extraction is sometimes referred to as data scraping or data harvesting.

Data mining is another data science tool that allows for the evaluation and analysis of data using statistical and mathematical tools so that conclusions can be drawn. Data extraction usually occurs before data mining.

Do I Need Data Extraction in ETL?

Data extraction is the first process that occurs in ETL – extract, transform, and load. Therefore, data extraction cannot occur without ETL.

What are the Most Popular Data Extraction Methods?

There are three basic methods of data extraction, which are update notification, incremental extraction, and full extraction.

Update notification is the simplest form of data extraction method. It extracts data from a database onto a storage system whenever a change occurs to the original record.

Incremental extraction tries to identify which record has been changed and initiates the process of extraction. However, this method is inefficient in scrapping deleted records.

Full extraction is a data extraction process that extracts the entire database as the method is incapable of identifying changed or deleted data. Also, this method can affect the quality of a network.

What is the Difference Between Structured and Unstructured Data?

Structured data is well defined and easily searchable. Therefore, update notification and incremental extraction are the two types of data extraction methods that are used to extract this form of data. Unstructured data is typically a type of data that is not structured, unsearchable, and mostly stored in a native format. Therefore, full extraction is the best form of a data extraction method that can be used to extract this type of data.

Why is Data Extraction Important?

Data extraction allows for the automation of processes within businesses thereby making work more efficient. It reduces human error, increases productivity, increases work visibility, saves time, and reduces the overall cost of doing business.

What are the Common Tools for Data Extraction?

In general, there are three main types of data extraction tools, which are batch processing, open-source, and cloud-based.

Batch processing tools allow for the extraction of data in small batches, which eliminates downtime. Open-source tools are best used when the user is working on a budget. Cloud-based data extraction tools are online schemes that allow for the continuous update of extracted data into meaningful information.

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