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Data Extraction Through Excel

What is data extraction?

Data extraction is precisely what it sounds, such as using regular data input plus scanning procedures to go through your worksheet and retrieve relevant data for quite a separate column or worksheet.

Here are six quick and efficient ways to get data out of an Excel file.

By utilizing the VLOOKUP feature, retrieve information from an Excel sheet.

The VLOOKUP searches for a particular value inside the dataset’s left-hand column before extracting that value’s content from a designated column and inserting it into the same row.

Operating the INDEX-MATCH Formula, select documentation from an Excel spreadsheet.

MS Excel’s INDEX-MATCH variety is a strong and well-liked technique for collecting data from a specific area of the sheet. By incorporating formulas, one may fetch information from sheets 1 to 3 depending on factors.

Using just a data consolidation application, obtain data from an Excel spreadsheet.

In several circumstances, Data Consolidation provides a more straightforward option than VLOOKUP and INDEX-MATCH for pulling information out of an Excel spreadsheet. Input for my Excel spreadsheet (Consolidation 1) comes from two sources. On a separate spreadsheet, the consolidation’s outcome will be displayed (Consolidation 2).

Through the use of progressive filtering, pull information from the worksheet.

You can transmit data from one to another using an Enhanced Filter. The written directions are below.


  1. Open Sheet (for instance, Sheet 6)>> Choose a cell (for instance, Cell B4). Then Cell B4 >> Data >> Advanced). A page for the Advanced Filter will appear.
  2. Pick the Copy to some other location in step two.
  3. Choose Sheet 5 on the category range box, then decide the entire bar with the titles.
  4. Assign the range of standards.
  5. Next, prefer the sheet 6 cells in Copy to Box (Cell B4 in this instance).
  6. Press OK.

Using the name box in Excel, obtain information from some other sheet. You only expect to be aware of the term of the spreadsheet and the cell to transfer a cell from one Excel spreadsheet to some other. Then you may copy it by connecting both with just an utterance point. Whenever you want to update the information in one spreadsheet, it will instantly be updated in the spreadsheet wherein you duplicate it.

Think of two spreadsheets with the names NameBox1 and NameBox2. Data extraction from NameBox1 to NameBox2 is what we’re after.


Type =NameBox1!C9 >> in any cell within NameBox2 (Cell B4 in this instance). When you click ENTER, your fresh worksheet will have Cell C9.

Another method:

In any NameBox2 cell, insert the symbol “=,” subsequently tap the NameBox1 page, choose the required cell, and hit ENTER.

With the INDEX tool, pull information from an Excel spreadsheet.

The MATCH feature accomplishes what the INDEX outline performs and functions pretty similarly to the VLOOKUP tool. The procedure will provide you with the amount of information in the cell you determine, the column, and the row of information you require. Assume that there are 2 sheets, INDEX 1 and INDEX 2. We shall set the columns and rows amounts of the information from the INDEX 1 page on the INDEX 2 page.


All you oblige to do is practice utilizing your personal Excel file while reading this post. So, unless the Excel templates remain unchanged in the long term, the benefit is that this mechanized method is future-proof, so it will enable one to consume any new files followed by updating his visualizations automatically.

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