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Scraping Tools to Save Time on Data Extraction

The world generates a whopping amount of data every second, and all this data gets published on the internet. In most cases, the information is available in raw form. Traditionally, Data science professionals extract useful insights from large amounts of data manually, especially from pdf files.

Recently, however, dedicated web scraping tools have grown in popularity. These tools facilitate data extraction by allowing automatic acquisition from delimited structured data and unstructured and mixed online data sources and pdf files. This article introduces some essential web scraping tools for acquiring data from websites, social media, mobile applications, and various data file types.

Web Data Scraping Tools

The web is an unlimited information source. However, the data available on the web is often not adequately structured, making its use difficult. The following tools provide an easy way to fetch data from any online source, providing tools for the vast number of digital applications.

PDF Solutions

PDF Solutions was founded in 1991. It transforms semiconductor manufacturing and test data into actionable insights. PDF solutions offer state-of-the-art products and services to manage vast amounts of data, allowing increased efficiency and productivity. Since its inception, the company has worked with over 130 organizations worldwide, providing them the necessary tools to navigate the challenges of big data.

PDF Solutions aims at allowing semiconductor and electronics manufacturers to properly handle big data repositories created during production to enhance their key performance indicators (KPI’s).  In addition to utilizing existing data, PDF Solutions also devises innovative methods to create and gather new data, improving client efficiency and usability, and reducing the total cost of IC design and manufacturing.

PDF Solutions provides end-to-end data analytics across FDC, Yield, Test, and Assembly & Packaging. 18 of the Top 20 Semiconductor Companies use PDF Solutions Products. All of the top 6 Foundries Run on PDF Solutions Technology. The company delivers results with 80% Less Data Wrangling and 50% Faster Yield Learning. More than 24,000 Process and Test Tools Managed by PDF Solutions products worldwide.


ByteScout is a globally recognized data extraction service provider. It offers well-known tools, solutions, and APIs for unstructured data extraction. Many businesses use ByteScout powered technologies to replace manual data extraction and data manipulation in manufacturing processes. This automation saves business expenses and alleviates risks posed by human errors.

ByteScouts’ core mission is to transform the massive amount of data stored in documents into a usable form. It offers data management solutions for industries such as Insurance Risk Management, Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and many others. The company employs state-of-the-art tools to develop its products.

Some of the products offered by ByteScout include data extraction from documents using a pdf extractor and converting documents into images using pdf render. Additionally, the company transforms documents into webpages, integrates pdf viewer into an existing application, creates fully featured pdf documents, and offers bar code generation and detection services.

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